3-2-1 Fast Off!

1 Feb

Ever since my oldest son saw Wall-E he’s been obsessed with rockets. A stick, a trailer from a toy big rig, a paper towel – anything is a rocket.  So, today we made one!


Supplies used:


Paper towel roll, aluminum foil roil cut into however big you want the blasters to be, 1 piece aluminum foil wide enough for the paper towel roll and two more big enough for the blaster rolls, black cardstock for the coned top, windows and door, tissue in red, orange and yellow, and adhesive (we used glue, scotch tape and – since the glue didn’t work on the aluminum foil/cardstock – Terrifically Tacky Tape – TTT).


Roll the aluminum foil over the rolls to cover. L was helping so I found it easier for him if I tacked the one edge to the roll first. 


Add a bit of glue to the other edge to hold it down when it’s rolled up and if there is any excess foil just roll it into the ends.



Cover the seam with tape to prevent any tears. Invisible tape would work better than Scotch but I didn’t have any.


Next, take the large circle and cut a slit to the centre and then cut a little hole. This will make it easier to form into a cone. There will probably be excess depending on how big your cone is, so unroll it and chop it off.


Form the cone and tack down the ends.The glue stick didn’t quite cut it so I added a strip of the TTT here. Scotch tape worked well enough for the inside end… Adhere it to the paper towel roll.


Next, stick on your windows and door. TTT works perfectly for this. The glue… not so much 😉  L insisted on using it tho so I let him go to town. 


Attach the blasters. Again, TTT is perfect for this!  It’s such a strong tape that those puppies aren’t coming off unless L rips ’em off 😉


Take some tissue paper squares, fold ’em up and tack with tape to hold the shape. Stick it into the blasters and voila!


One very happy little boy! He played with that sucker for hours!


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