Wk 1: Kitchen Counters and Sink

21 Feb

I am so glad the first few weeks of the 52 Weeks To An Organized Home deals with the kitchen. Our kitchen is rather….odd. It’s a good size, but there is so much wasted space and some of the space really had me wondering what to do with it. This week’s challenge focused on cleaning off and organizing your kitchen counters. We REALLY needed this challenge, so I’m doubly-glad it was first! We actually don’t have much counter space, or at least I thought we didn’t. Turns out it was just covered with crap that didn’t need to be there in the first place! Here’s some before/after pics:

This was the old “coffee” station. The cupboard above it has all our dishes so it made sense when we moved in to put the coffee maker here. Everything you see got a new home (or was put where it should have been, ie the shampoo LOL)

Before #1

And the after – I almost didn’t add the bananas here but figured the corner needed something besides the phone!

After #1

 The next before is the other side of the stove. Its where we do most of our prep. A lot of the stuff didn’t belong here (meds, cookies, etc)

Before #2

The after…so much more space! The green mixer was originally put in my donate/sell pile as I really don’t need it since getting a Magic Bullet, but I just love the look of it! I may still part with it yet, but for now it stays. I also plan on re-doing my utensil canisters after seeing an idea on Pinterest (where else?!). But I’ll save that for a little later.

After #2

Here’s one of the sink area. This space was ridiculous. Sink full of empty dishes (almost constantly), miscellaneous items around it and on the windowsill…

Before #3

And the after:

After #3

I know – crazy right?  So different!

 One last “before/after”. This spot usually had a dishrack planted on the counter. Because of the microwave shelf sticking out, it’s not a great spot for food prep, so we don’t really use it unless we’re both working in the kitchen (rarely) or the other counter is full (normal).
Before #4

After: hello new “coffee station”. 

After #3

This spot made so much more sense to have the coffeemaker here. Not only is the coffee maker now next to the sink (yay!  No more coffee drips on my floor!), but see that little cuboard next to the microwave?  The one that’s like 5″ wide? I had one HECK of a time figuring out what to use it for. It used to be for pastas and L’s dishes, but it was such a pita. Then it dawned on me – coffee’s, teas, hot chocolates, coffee grinder – they all fit perfectly in there! Only downside is the mugs are still above the old station. Might get a small mug tree or something, haven’t decided yet.

And there you have it. My first week in the organzation challenge!  I think I did pretty good! I LOVE how clean my counters are (and that we’ve been able to keep them relatively cleared off!)

Now….wait till you see the rest of the kitchen “transformation”. Holy Hannah! 


One Response to “Wk 1: Kitchen Counters and Sink”

  1. Diane February 25, 2012 at 9:25 am #

    great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! looks amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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