Wk 2a: Kitchen Drawer Organization

22 Feb

Week 2 of the 52 Weeks To An Organized Home challenge deals with drawers and cabinets. This post is going to deal with the drawers. They were a MESS! We have so many utensils that we had some in a canister on the counter AND in a drawer! I’d go through it every once in a while and re-sort everything, but it was still always a mess. Not anymore!!

Here’s the before – crazy! Can you find our meat thermometer? I can’t!

Before - where's the can opener?!

And here’s the after: Sooooo much better! I went to Dollarama and bought a bunch of bins for the drawers to help organize things. Plus, we have most of the extra utensils on the counter in 3 separate canisters (an idea I got off of Pinterest – one each for baking, serving and cooking). Doing that freed up so much space in our drawers! And with only having 4 drawers, space was at a premium!

After - no problems finding the can opener now!

 Here’s the drawer that held all the baking utensils – measuring cups, measuring spoons. Another drawer that required some digging in order to find what I was looking for.

Before: What a mess!

 And now – the bins help keep it organized! I know exactly where to find the tiny ¼ teaspoon!

After: So much better!

This was our wraps and foils drawer. While it was pretty organized already, I hated that they took up an entire drawer!

Before: Not too bad...

 So I bought one of those wrap holders that goes on the back of a cupboard and freed up a bunch of room! This is now where I keep a lot of my baking stuff. Large spatulas, spreaders, cookie scoop, etc.


And finally the cutlery drawer. This one had become a catch-all for all the little paperwork we kept for some reason, like receipts from Christmas 2 years ago LOL.

Before: Too much clutter!
 I got rid of all the paperwork, turned the containers around, added a couple extra containers and voila –
After: Organized!!
 It has been SO nice to have organized drawers! We’ve been able to keep them this way for a few weeks now and have yet to add stuff that shouldn’t be in them!! No more junk drawers!!!

Coming next: the cabinets!


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