Wk 2b – Kitchen Cabinets

23 Feb

So here’s the second half of my Week 2 from the 52 Weeks To An Organized Home, dealing with the cabinets this time – non-food item ones. We actually don’t have a ton of cabinets. 5 of them are pretty small and 2 of them are really small! It was hard to imagine what they could effectively be used for. It took me 2 years to figure out it!!

The first few pictures I don’t have “before” shots for, mainly because there wasn’t much of a “before” to begin with! The first one is above our fridge and was actually empty! Now it holds our salad spinner, popcorn maker, blender and some take-out containers we use when we have guests for dinner and they take home leftovers (then we don’t have to worry about getting our good containers back!)

The cupboard above our microwave. I don’t even remember what was in there before. Now it has our rice cooker and rice, and L’s old drink containers. We’ll be using them soon enough for the Little One so I didn’t bother packing them away – they’d probably just get lost or something LOL

Next up is our dishes cupboard. I hate this cupboard. For some reason they used a corner cabinet here instead of a regular cabinet (the door to the kitchen is to the right of this cabinet so it’s not like it’s an actual “corner” you’d normally find these typs of cabinets in!). We had our plates in the back corner and me being the shortie I am, I had to stretch getting the damn plates out! We have a ton of coffee cups, but they took up the top and middle shelf – total waste of space. So I bought a couple of racks and re-sorted everything. All the coffee cups are now on the middle shelf and it almost completely freed up the top shelf! I’m now storing all my mason jars, freezer jars, wine glasses, etc up there. I had hoped to get two racks per shelf but they didn’t fit. I might pick up a couple corner ones next time I go out (they were out last time) and see if they fit.

No more stretching!!!

 This one was a head-scratcher. It’s so narrow and deep that it was hard to fit anything in it! It’s main purpose was to store our leftover food containers in there, but I hated it. Unless they were put back “just so” you could never match lids with containers. Believe it or not, it was easy to lose stuff in there!


 Now it holds our toaster, kettle, teapot, cheese slicer, Slap Chop, extra coffee travel mugs, etc.


Under the sink was a nightmare. Not only was there a ton of piping, but it also went all the way back into the corner – such wasted space. We stuck our deep fryer back there when we moved in 2.5 years ago and it hasn’t seen the light of day since!

Before: chaos!!
Before: Hello…ello…lo…
I bought an under-sink shelf but when I got home I realized that the pipes were in the way! Hubby took a hacksaw to it in order for it to fit. It works great!

After - ignore the bucket - our sink leaks!

After: still wasted space, but I don't think much can be done with it...

Now, I’m going to show you “before’s” of a couple of cabinets before doing the after…the first one is only a semi-before. It held our pots and pans as well, but we’ve since moved them… the second held our mixing bowls, corning ware, blender…can’t remember what else. 

Semi-before - still room for improvement



And here are the after’s. The pots/pans cabinet was reorganized with the pans also being moved elsewhere, and the mixing bowls were moved and that cabinet became the new home for the leftover food containers. 

After: still need a better solution to the lids..




Now…before I show you where the pots and bowls went, I need to show you one final “before”. I can’t believe I’m showing this – so embarrasing, But proves my point as to why I needed to join this challenge!!

Before - what a mess! And what a waste of space!

Now…where’d the pots and bowls  go? Why, here…

After: Extra countertop and more storage!

and here!

After - awesome, isn't it?!

We picked up a cart at Ikea to give us some more prep surface, as well as for extra storage. Since I put my KitchenAid mixer on it, I decided that it would be a good spot for the mixing bowls. The crock pot and my Magic Bullet stuff is on the bottom shelf. On the little freezer we now have the breadmaker and wine cooler!

As for the shelf, my awesome hubby built it! The pots are hanging from a rack from Ikea. I’m now on the hunt for pretty things to put up on the shelf!! Oh, and we also picked up a rack to hold our brooms and whatnot. SUCH a difference, eh?! I love it!!!

Leave me some feedback! So interested in what you think!


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