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Wk 4: Refridgerator and Freezer

11 Mar

How is it already 11 days into March?  I feel like I’ve been going non-stop for weeks, so I figured I needed to slow down a little and maybe write a new blog post. I finally have pics uploaded for one of the weekly challenges over at 52 Weeks To  An Organized Homefridge and freezer!

First – the fridge. I think this is one of the worst it’s ever been! We had just finished up a week of having company stay with us and without having a system in place it was pure mayhem! Lots of take-out food, expired food, and nothing was in any order whatsoever.


 We cleaned it out the night before trash day and we ended up tossing a LOT of stuff out. I should have taken a pic the, but forgot – it was pretty empty!  Here’s an after pic taken after a week or two of living with it.


I used bins from Dollarama to keep “like” and often used items together, and then used them to create “zones” in the fridge.  Top shelf holds most of the dairy items – L’s milk, a bin for butter, cream cheese blocks, iced coffee creamer-mix, another bin for drink stuff (coffee creamers and drink syrups like chocolate and strawberry),and then our milk. Next shelf has  a bin for cheeses and dips, along with the margarine tub (too big for a bin), some prepped fruit for my husband’s lunch, and celery for a stew I’m planning to make. 3rd shelf has leftovers on the left-hand side, a bin for general sandwich stuff (honey mustard, mayo, Cheez Whiz), one for Lucas sandwich-fixings (jams, cream cheese), and eggs. Bottom shelf has drinks, a bin for L’s yogurts (got tired of discovering empty boxes in the fridge!) and one for L’s snacks placed where he can reach them anytime (applesauces, prepared fruit, cheese strings, etc).

 The bins are great – just grab a bin when making a sandwich and all your spreads are there – no more searching the fridge for that little jar of strawberry jam!

The “before” of the door


And the after:


Not much to explain there lol

Now…the freezer! We don’t have a deep freezer (yet!!), but we do have a little bar fridge-sized freezer. Here are the befores of the fridge freezer:

Before - fridge freezer

Before - fridge freezer door

Messy, messy, messy!!  We semi-recently bought that huge box of ribs, thinking we had a deep freezer to put it in but it went kaput a few days before the ribs arrived. We cleaned out the fridge-freezer at that point so there wasn’t much to be tossed. It just needed organizing. We now have this freezer to store our meats and desserts with the door holding bananas, freezer packs, ice packs, cheese and juice.

After - fridge freezer

After - fridge freezer door

The small bar-sized freezer desperately needs to be defrosted, but here’s the befores:

Before - small freezer, top compartment

Before - small freezer drawers

It now holds our breads and waffles up top, veggies in the middle drawer and stuff like hashbrowns and perogies in the bottom drawer!

After - small freezer, top compartment

After - small freezer drawers

So much easier to find stuff and so far it’s been a great way to keep track of what needs replacing when we go shopping!